About Us

The year was 2012, the events industry in Kenya is shaping up to offering just more than music. Lumiglow Limited was incorporated in that same year to offer the events industry with merchandise to complement their events. We believe people want better experiences at Festivals, Birthday Parties, Weddings. Our offerings vary from Glow merchandise, Costumes, Music, Jungle Fever events etc.

We strive to differentiate ourselves by offering the most unique merchandise like: glow bracelets, glow sticks, glow necklaces, glow wristbands, LED Devil Horns, Foam Sticks, Glow Hair gel, Glow UV Body Paint, LED Mohawk etc.

We also carry out events that are unique in their offering. Our Jungle Fever series of events are very well known for their lovely performances and experiences. We welcome partnerships that will enhance the event experience for everyone.

You can visit our e-store and order merchandise.